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Jenny Hennek

My Yoga practice has been included in my dance classes for over 15 years. Yet it was not until after an illness that I discovered my desire to teach Yoga and share it's many healing benefits. As I was brought back to health through Hatha Yoga I hoped others could experience the same. I completed the teacher training program at the Himalayan Center and I am humbled and.grateful to teach Yoga at the Center.

I believe in a compassionate approach to my practice and in teaching. I enjoy the students I meet, I know in many ways that it is really they who are teaching me.

My Schedule
23 Tuesday
Nothing yet
24 Wednesday
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25 Thursday
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26 Friday
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27 Saturday
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28 Sunday
Nothing yet
29 Monday
04:00 PM
Gentle Yoga
with Jenny Hennek
1 hour and 15 minutes